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Our Belief

Our Belief

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The relationships that our campers form with their counselors provide the foundation
for the Camp Gan experience for which we are known. We focus on creating a nurturing
and supportive environment where every child feels a sense of belonging.

  • We strive to encourage campers to participate, to try their best, express themselves, make new friends, and to be proud of their Jewish identity.
  • Our belief is that strong morals and values enrich children’s lives.
  • Our counselors model it-our campers live it!
  • Camp Gan is the ideal size day camp for children.
  • Our swim program offers small group instruction and individualized attention for each child.
  • Arts and athletics programs are designed with children in mind, they are age appropriate
    and allow for high quality instruction.
Contact Maryashie or Maruja 203-629-9059 | 203.869.5486 (summer) •
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